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  • Internal auditors must speak out on governance

    18/12/2017 NEW

    ECIIA President Farid Aractingi tells the newspaper Les Echos-Cecile Desjardin that auditors must speak out on governance. Here is a translated transcript What are the current challenges for the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing? Working with others, internal auditors are important actors in a governance system...

  • ECIIA hosts the first European Forum for Internal Audit, Banking, Regulation and Supervision

    01/12/2017 NEW

    ECIIA launched the inaugural meeting of the European Forum for Internal Audit, Banking, Regulation and Supervision in Frankfurt am Main between November 20 to 21, 2017. “Good governance requires an effective and independent risk management function, including strong compliance and internal audit operations,” said Pentti Hakkarainen, Executive Director...

  • Auditors must remain vigilant


    Internal auditors need to remain vigilant following recent data showing that macro risks, such as economic growth and the state of monetary policy, weigh heavily on the minds of chief executives in the insurance sector. “Despite some positive developments, the continuing low-yield environment and the observation that market...

  • Cyber risk tops internal audit list


    Cyber risk was the most commonly cited threat by heads of internal audit across Europe regardless of nationality or business sector, according to a new report written by some members of ECIIA. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the broader challenge of managing data came second in the survey...

  • Farid Aractingi elected ECIIA President



    The ECIIA elected Farid Aractingi as President of its management board at the body’s annual conference in Switzerland. Aractingi (centre in image) was previously Vice President of ECIIA. He is Chief...

  • ECIIA welcomes cyber package


    The European Commission has launched measures to strengthen cyber security across Europe. It proposes to extend the powers of ENISA, Europe’s current cyber agency. In particular, the proposals aim to ensure ENISA is better placed to support member states in implementing the NIS Directive. And the agency will...

  • Ten years on – greater focus on ethics still needed


    Ten years on from the financial crisis a greater focus on ethics is needed in how businesses are exploiting new technologies, according to a recent report from the accountancy body ACCA. Nearly two thirds of respondents in its recent survey Ethics and trust in a digital age call...

  • EC adopts non-financial reporting guidelines


    The EC has adopted guidelines to help companies make better disclosure on the environmental and social impact of their activities. The guidelines aim to help companies develop their non-financial reporting in ways that are more consistent and comparable. The EC says it wants to boost corporate transparency and...

  • Internal auditors can strengthen fight against financial crime


    The European Union’s fourth anti-money laundering directive, which came into effect at the end of June, outlines a greater role for internal audit in fighting financial crime, says ECIIA. All organisations will need to strengthen their practices, policies and documentation showing that they have properly assessed the risks of...

  • ECIIA and FERMA launch cyber governance framework


    ECIIA and FERMA have launched joint guidance aimed at helping organisations across Europe develop an effective cyber governance framework. The framework – detailed in At the junction of corporate governance and cybersecurity – enables companies to make consistent and understandable decisions about their security measures, risk management and...



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