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  • Audit revolution

    25/7/2015 NEW

    ECIIA Newsletter June 2015 cover

    When the European Central Bank took over the supervision of the financial sector in Europe in November 2014, internal auditors in the industry knew they were facing an audit revolution. That...

  • Blueprint for better collaboration


    ECIIA and the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI) have published a document that compares the structure and goals of their respective professions, providing a blueprint for better collaboration between the bodies. The study – Comparison of supreme audit institution organisations and internal audit institution organisations –...

  • Bank remuneration monitoring must be clear


    The European Banking Authority’s (EBA) proposals on how the remuneration policies of banks are to be monitored need greater clarity if they are to be effective, according to the European Confederation of Institute’s of Internal Auditing (ECIIA). The EBA’s consultation document on the issue (EBA/CP/2015/03) is often unclear...

  • Paris trendsetter conference – register now


    It is time to register for the ECIIA’s 2015 annual conference, held this year in Paris between 20th and 22nd September. Eleven general sessions and 22 workshops will cover a wide range of topics that are setting the trend for the future of internal audit professionals. Outstanding speakers...

  • Non-financial reporting: building trust with internal audit


    Internal audit can help organisations build trust with key stakeholders by assuring the quality of the information in their non-financial reports, according to new guidance published by ECIIA – the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing. The guidance – Non-financial reporting: building trust with internal audit –...

  • Round table: Building trust with internal audit


    Internal audit must play a central role if companies are to make the most of new requirements to publicly report on the non-financial aspects of their businesses – the subject of an ECIIA-sponsored round table. ECIIA has teamed up with Parliament Magazine to debate issues raised by the...

  • Vote now for best MEP on corporate governance


    Have you made up your mind about which MEP has done the most this year to enhance corporate governance in the European Union?  Well, it’s time to decide. You can watch this video of short-listed candidates and vote here when you have decided which one to vote for....

  • Regulation’s unintended consequences


    Pressure from regulators to mandate that internal audit reports direct to them, or to access a function’s findings on a routine basis, could have negative, unintended consequences, according to Richard Chambers, President and Chief Executive Officer of IIA Global. While some regulators wish to standardise management structures so...

  • ECIIA provides internal audit with “voice” for banking industry


    The newly-formed banking committee of the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) aims to provide a unified voice for internal auditors to speak on the sweeping regulatory changes affecting the banking industry. “As you know, European banking regulators are very active and many of their initiatives...

  • ECIIA’s response to Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s consultation


    The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’ s most recent consultation document – Corporate governance principles for banks – sometimes erroneously describes internal audit as a control function of banks, says the European Confederation of Institute’s of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) in its response to the paper. This misunderstanding could...



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ECIIA Newsletter June 2015 cover
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