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  • EC to update non-financial reporting directive

    29/10/2018 NEW

    The European Commission (EC) is planning to update its non-binding guidance on how to implement the Non-Financial Reporting Directive and set out proposals for consultation in June 2020. The directive, which affects about 6000 companies in Europe, sets out how organisations can effectively communicate the environmental, social and ethical impacts...

  • ECIIA response to the European Commission consultation ‘Fitness check on the EU framework for public reporting by companies’

    16/10/2018 NEW

    ECIIA welcomes the Commission’s fitness check initiative on the EU framework for public reporting by companies. We believe that the objective of this fitness check on corporate reporting should be to simplify and better tailor the information provided to the need of creditors, investors, and shareholders, instead of creating...

  • ECIIA General Assembly 2018

    08/10/2018 NEW

    The ECIIA General Assembly took place on October 6 in Madrid. The Board of Directors has welcomed a new representative for Italy: Gianfranco Carolia,  Chief Audit Executive of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane S.p.A., Member of the Audit Committee of FAO, Founding member of AITRA, Member of the Audit...

  • EBA’s draft regulations on outsourcing need tighter focus

    28/9/2018 NEW

    The European Banking Authority’s (EBA) draft Guidelines on outsourcing (EBA/CP/2018/11) should give more emphasis on the role of the first and second lines of defence in the oversight of outsourced activities, ECIIA has said in its written response to the consultation. More specifically speaking, the response continued, management should...

  • Risk in Focus 2019: Hot topics for internal auditors


    We are happy to share the third edition of Risk in Focus defining hot topics for Internal Auditors. This edition is the result of a collaborative effort between seven European institutes of internal auditors in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK and Ireland. As...

  • Internal auditors playing greater role in insurance regulation


    Insurance regulators and supervisors across Europe are increasingly looking to internal auditors to help their organisations achieve the necessary compliance requirements, according to a recent meeting of ECIIA’s insurance committee in Stockholm, Sweden. While trends in supervision and regulation differ across Europe, many authorities are looking for insurers...

  • ECB internal models guide should clarify assurance responsibilities


    While ECIIA welcomes the European Central Bank’s (ECB) draft guide on internal models for financial services organisations, more clarity is needed in some areas over the role of internal audit and other assurance functions. In response to the ECB consultation on its proposed guidance, ECIIA has highlighted several...

  • GDPR moves into the next phase


    Europe’s General Data Protection Regulationcame into effect on 25 May after a mammoth effort by organisations throughout Europe and beyond to prepare for the launch date. The regulations give greater protection for individuals over how their data can be collected, processed and retained. While internal auditors in many...

  • Over disclosure of information could erode stakeholder trust


    In the rush to comply with pressure to disclose ever-increasing levels of non-financial information, companies could inadvertently erode stakeholder trust by publishing too much data, delegates heard at the 22nd European Corporate Governance Conference in Sofia this April. Since statutory auditors in Europe – with the exception of...

  • EU announces ‘fitness check’ for public reporting framework


    The ECIIA has welcomed the launch of a ‘fitness check’ consultation on the EU’s public reporting framework for companies. The consultation will look at whether the framework is fit for purpose, is relevant for meeting the EU’s objectives and adds value at a European level. It will also...


“Internal audit is the ears and eyes of the good governance”, said Farid Aractingi, ECIIA President, at the event "Internal Audit in Municipalities", in Athens. #internalaudit

ECB - EBA stress test shows euro area banks are more resilient to financial shocks. The 3 top risks identified are: geopolitical uncertainties,NPL and cybercrime and IT disruptions. #riskmanagement


EC to update non-financial reporting directive -

The EBA has published the work for 2019, defined under five strategic areas and 37 activities. #internalauditinbanks

ECIIA participated to the Stakeholders meeting on non-financial disclosures organised by DG Fisma. Some participants have argued that the overall effectiveness of the NFR Directive will be limited by the absence of a strong assurance and verification requirement #internalaudit

ECIIA response to the European Commission consultation 'Fitness check on the EU framework for public reporting by companies -

The banks are safer thanks to the @EU_SRB but it is still very important to manage the risk and to anticipate the early signs. That's why internal audit is essential. #srbResolution2018 #internalaudit

#CyberSecurity is one of the top 10 risks identified by internal auditors for 2019. Check @FERMARISK interesting guide below. #internalaudit #CyberSecMonth

ECIIA General Assembly 2018 -

The ECIIA Annual Report is out! Take a look here and know more about our activities: #internalaudit

ECIIA hosted today its General Assembly in Madrid,after a Great conference of Super internal auditors !

Nice people at the #ECIIA2018 conference!!! Clearly #SuperInternalAuditors
@EciiaInfo @AuditorInterno

“Some good practices Audit Committee-Internal Audit?”, Melvyn Neate, @railandroad
#SuperInternalAuditors #ECIIA2018

The ECIIA Conference 2018 has just started with the inspiring words of Farid Aractingi, ECIIA president, and Ernesto Martínez, Chairman of @AuditorInterno.
#SuperInternalAuditors #ECIIA2018 #internalaudit

EBA’s draft regulations on outsourcing need tighter focus -

#Blog: how can #accountants do different things and respond to the needs of today's #business's reality? "Creative listening, embrace #technology, getting facts straight " @obt_ACE

After a fruitful discussion the ECIIA Board, together with the european CEOs, enjoyed a nordic dinner! #internalaudit

Our response to @Ethics_Board consultation paper on #professionalskepticism. New content should be added to the Code to highlight what is expected of the professional #accountants, including their public interest responsibilities #ethics

Risk in Focus 2019: Hot topics for internal auditors -

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