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  • Risk in Focus 2019: Hot topics for internal auditors

    03/9/2018 NEW

    We are happy to share the third edition of Risk in Focus defining hot topics for Internal Auditors. This edition is the result of a collaborative effort between seven European institutes of internal auditors in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK and Ireland. As...

  • Internal auditors playing greater role in insurance regulation


    Insurance regulators and supervisors across Europe are increasingly looking to internal auditors to help their organisations achieve the necessary compliance requirements, according to a recent meeting of ECIIA’s insurance committee in Stockholm, Sweden. While trends in supervision and regulation differ across Europe, many authorities are looking for insurers...

  • ECB internal models guide should clarify assurance responsibilities


    While ECIIA welcomes the European Central Bank’s (ECB) draft guide on internal models for financial services organisations, more clarity is needed in some areas over the role of internal audit and other assurance functions. In response to the ECB consultation on its proposed guidance, ECIIA has highlighted several...

  • GDPR moves into the next phase


    Europe’s General Data Protection Regulationcame into effect on 25 May after a mammoth effort by organisations throughout Europe and beyond to prepare for the launch date. The regulations give greater protection for individuals over how their data can be collected, processed and retained. While internal auditors in many...

  • Over disclosure of information could erode stakeholder trust


    In the rush to comply with pressure to disclose ever-increasing levels of non-financial information, companies could inadvertently erode stakeholder trust by publishing too much data, delegates heard at the 22nd European Corporate Governance Conference in Sofia this April. Since statutory auditors in Europe – with the exception of...

  • EU announces ‘fitness check’ for public reporting framework


    The ECIIA has welcomed the launch of a ‘fitness check’ consultation on the EU’s public reporting framework for companies. The consultation will look at whether the framework is fit for purpose, is relevant for meeting the EU’s objectives and adds value at a European level. It will also...

  • ECIIA publishes suite of best practice papers for European banks


    Internal audit can provide the boards and senior managers of European banks with distinctive and strategic assurance over their operations, according to a suite of position papers published by ECIIA. The papers cover a range of topics including internal audit’s role in good governance, audit planning, auditing a...

  • ECIIA newsletter January 2018


    Catch up with the latest ECIIA newsletter here.

  • Open access to data vital to role of internal audit


    Internal auditors must be able to freely access any information they need to perform their work effectively, the ECIIA has said in response to the European Commission’s (EC) consultation on the free flow of non-personal data. “Internal auditors use non-personal data in the course of their audits and...

  • Internal auditors must speak out on governance


    ECIIA President Farid Aractingi tells the newspaper Les Echos-Cecile Desjardin that auditors must speak out on governance. Here is a translated transcript What are the current challenges for the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing? Working with others, internal auditors are important actors in a governance system...


#Blog: how can #accountants do different things and respond to the needs of today's #business's reality? "Creative listening, embrace #technology, getting facts straight " @obt_ACE

After a fruitful discussion the ECIIA Board, together with the european CEOs, enjoyed a nordic dinner! #internalaudit

Our response to @Ethics_Board consultation paper on #professionalskepticism. New content should be added to the Code to highlight what is expected of the professional #accountants, including their public interest responsibilities #ethics

Risk in Focus 2019: Hot topics for internal auditors -

Internal audit’s role in good governance -

Internal audit within a group -

Internal audit oversight of external outsourcing -

Follow-up monitoring -

Audit planning approach -

At the junction of corporate governance and cybersecurity -

Risk in focus: hot topics for internal audit 2018 -

Accountancy Europe has just answered the EC’s consultation on Fitness check on the EU framework for public reporting by companies. You can check it here: #internalaudit

The @EP_ThinkTank published a study on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. You can find it here: #cryptocurrencies #blockchain

Check the @EBA_News report on the prudential risks and opportunities arrising for institutions from fintech here: #RiskManagement

Bank remuneration monitoring must be clear -

Assurance debate needs wider focus -

If you didn't attend the @AccountancyEU #DigitalDay18, you can check our key notes message here:

ESMA publishes 2017 Annual Report

2017 priorities
📌Supervisory #convergence: implementation of #MiFIDII & #MiFIR
📌Assessing #risks: focus on #data quality
📌Single #rulebook: #Benchmarks & #CMU
📌Direct #supervision: supervision of #CRAs and #TRs

A delegation from the ECIIA Banking Committee has met with @ecb for fruitful discussions! #InternalAudit

Internal auditors playing greater role in insurance regulation -

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