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  • EBA clarifies internal audit’s position as third line of defence

    10/2/2016 NEW

    The European Banking Authority (EBA) has adopted important clarifications suggested by ECIIA over the role and position of internal audit in the governance structure of companies looking to adopt sound remuneration policies. In particular, EBA has said in the final draft of its Guidelines on sound remuneration policies...

  • Internal auditors should be included in communication between auditors and supervisors

    28/1/2016 NEW

    Internal auditors should be included in the communication process over the scope of work to be undertaken by the statutory auditors and supervisors of credit institutions, the ECIIA has told the European Banking Authority. In a written response to the EBA’s consultation on how auditors and supervisors could...

  • Enrol for CCE Conference 2016

    07/1/2016 NEW


    Booking is now open for internal auditors to enroll for CCE conference 2016 – Next generation of internal audit – problem solving 2016. The event, organised by IIA Hungary, will be...

  • Greater sustainable investment is needed to promote growth in Europe

    07/1/2016 NEW

    Vĕra Jourová

    The Commissioner for Justice Věra Jourová said greater sustainable investment is required to promote growth in Europe at the 17th European Conference on Corporate Governance on 15 December 2015. She emphasised the...

  • ECIIA to work with Commission’s DG Connect Group

    21/12/2015 NEW

    The ECIIA is to work with the European Commission’s DG Connect group to consult on the body’s emerging Digital Agenda for Europe Initiative. The move entails members of the ECIIA’s Public Affairs Committee and its Board responding to the EC’s ongoing consultations on data privacy and cybersecurity – two...

  • Exploring Europe’s comply or explain principle


    ECIIA welcomes a major initiative by the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ECODA) that focuses on how well the comply or explain approach recommended by the European Commission in 2014 is being followed across Europe. Under comply or explain, organisations are free to diverge from what is considered...

  • Internal audit in the spotlight


    Henrik Stein cropped 2

    “It is important for internal audit to stay in the spotlight and imperative that it can and does make a difference,” Henrik Stein, the newly elected ECIIA President, told over 800...

  • Internal audit at centre of sound management, says Danièle Nouy



    “Internal control and internal audit are at the centre of sound management, especially for credit institutions in advanced financial systems,” Danièle Nouy, Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Single Supervisory...

  • Henrik Stein elected ECIIA President in board reshuffle



    Henrik Stein, Chair of the ECIIA’s Banking Committee, has been elected ECIIA President at the body’s General Assembly in Paris on  September 20, 2015. Stein has played an active part in...

  • ECIIA Activity Report 2015


    Since last year’s Activity Report, there has been a great deal of change in Europe. The European Parliament held elections in May 2014 and the European Commission (EC) appointed new commissioners. The Directorate General for Internal Market and Services (F2: Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility) moved to the Directorate General Justice. And the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) came into force in November 2014, giving...



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