Internal auditors and SAIs share best practice

Internal auditors and SAIs share best practice

Internal auditors and SAIs share best practice 150 150 ECIIA

Internal auditors and representatives from supreme audit institutions shared best practices at a recent seminar in Brussels, organised jointly by ECIIA and EUROSAI.

For example, the Austrian Court of Audit said that it was creating knowledge communities with its internal audit partners to develop better processes for transferring operational knowledge to help increase the effectiveness of audits.

SAI Netherlands explained that building a robust working relationship with internal audit had led to it having unrestricted access to the electronic working files of the internal audit function. It also said it now discussed the performed auditors’ work in regular meetings with top management from the internal audit team.

“These collaborations are great examples of best practice,” ECIIA President Henrik Stein says. “ECIIA and EUROSAI will be jointly promoting such initiatives over the coming years.”

The professional bodies are planning to extend their partnership in a range of areas. Possible themes for future cooperation identified at the meeting included reducing costs in the public sector, reducing certain risks relating to cybersecurity, for example, and improving good governance in the public sector.

Read the summary from the seminar here.

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