EU Data Protection reforms

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The ECIIA is to work with the European Commission’s DG Connect group to consult on the body’s emerging Digital Agenda for Europe Initiative.

The move entails members of the ECIIA’s Public Affairs Committee and its Board responding to the EC’s ongoing consultations on data privacy and cybersecurity – two complex and fast-changing areas that internal auditors need to keep abreast with.

“Data privacy and cybersecurity are key issues for our members,” Henrik Stein, ECIIA President, says. “We have decided to work closely with DG Connect in these areas to ensure the voice of internal auditors are heard and that we can keep abreast with emerging developments and ideas.”

This week, the Commission announced that the EU Data Protection Reforms had been agreed by the European Parliament and the Council, following final negotiations between the three institutions – the so-called “trilogue” meetings.

While these reforms herald in groundbreaking changes to data protection across Europe, more consultations on data privacy and cybersecurity are to follow.

The agreed reforms comprise two instruments main instruments:

The General Data Protection Regulation is designed to enable people to better control their personal data. New rules govern the way that companies need to store, retain and handle personal data.

The Data Protection Directive for the police and criminal justice sector aims to ensure that the data of victims, witnesses, and suspects of crimes, are protected in the context of a criminal investigation or a law enforcement action. The more harmonised laws should also facilitate cross-border cooperation of police or prosecutors to combat crime and terrorism more effectively across Europe.

For the Commission’s open and upcoming consultations in this area, see here.

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