Governance and cyber conference
May 2017

ECIIA members attended a free cyber risk governance conference held in Brussels on 29 June hosted by MEP Antennas Guoga.

The event – organised jointly by ECIIA and FERMA – presented recommendations a new cyber risk governance model designed to include key internal stakeholders, the risk and audit committees. A working group representing risk managers and internal auditors from eight EU countries developed the model and other recommendations was presented at the event.

The proposed model will increase cyber-resilience, define the key stakeholders and the conditions for success.

Developing cyber governance principles for greater resilience is supported by the World Economic Forum, which published a report in January 2017: Advancing cyber resilience: principles and tools for boards.

See the full programme here.

When: Thursday 29 June 2017 from 16:00 to 18:00 (CET time)
Where: European Parliament – JAN 6Q1 / Rue Wiertz 60, Brussels, Belgium

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